Cell Type Reference Database
version 2.0    26 August 2020
A knowledgebase of manually collected, curated and annotated cell types in multiple species. CellKb allows users to search through published cell type signatures from selected single-cell and bulk RNA-seq experiments.
CellKb v2.0 contains 22,568 signatures of 1,802 cell types from 11 species extracted from 403 publications.
Protein-protein interactions with reliability scores
version 10.0    3 August 2020
An open-source database of experimentally identified protein-protein interactions collected from literature with reliability scores assigned based on the annotations of the interacting proteins. The first version of HitPredict was released in 2005. The HitPredict service and updates are currently provided through Combinatics.
HitPredict v10.0 contains 815,892 protein-protein interactions between 89,685 proteins from 128 species.